Juice Robinson On His NXT Character, Who He'd Like To Face In WWE, Working In Japan

Juice Robinson recently spoke with the folks at Uproxx for an interview. During the discussion, Robinson spoke about working in Japan, his NXT character (CJ Parker) and who he would like to wrestle in WWE. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On how things are different in Japan compared to NXT: “That’s a good question. Well, when I was in NXT, I was kind of like a heel, so I would sell a little differently and be a little goofier, maybe a little more cartoony, when I was being beat up, and now as a babyface in Japan I’m really trying to connect with people. I want them to feel the pain, so it’s like I’m not trying to make them laugh, or I don’t want them think that what I’m doing is funny. I’m trying to make them forget, and actually think that I’m hurt. Sometimes I actually am. I’m just wrestling a totally different style now based on that alone, babyface and heel… I think being a babyface in WWE might be one of the hardest things in wrestling right now. Holy cow. I mean, Roman Reigns, he’s excellent, but… no, I couldn’t do it.”

On having negative feelings about NXT and being a heel with them: “You know, I loved NXT. Just, I just knew I was dead in the water, so I had to get out. So it wasn’t that it was bad, it was I turned it bad because I got sad. You know what I mean? So what was happening to me on a daily basis… it wasn’t like I was going home every night and crying in my room. I was still having fun and getting along with the coaches and the guys, and having fun at shows and stuff, but I just knew that CJ Parker was never going anywhere, so then I started to have negative feelings… just the whole thing, just my life, so I had to make a change, and now everything’s great. But yeah, NXT was fun. It’s a lot of fun. You work real hard there… For a while there it seemed like anytime we were… trying to lighten the mood, it was like, ‘Hey, get back in line!’ It was a little militant there for a while, and everybody knows about that. But they’ve got a good guy there now, and everything’s really – I think it’s fun again. It’s good to hear. But I’m having more fun, so, haha.”

On who he would like to face in WWE: “Right now? Okay, this is fun. God, there’s about twenty-five I’d want to wrestle right now. They’re all really good. I think I’d want to wrestle Braun – however they call him now, Braun Stowman or Braun Strowman. I want to wrestle him at Korakuen Hall, him as a bad guy, me as a good guy, hopefully. That match. I want to do that match. That would be awesome. Because he’s so damn good at things that he doesn’t even know he’s good at, and that’s what I love about watching him. You can see he’s still green, but, man, he’s really good at some s–t that some people never figure out. You know what I mean?

“Same with Brock Lesnar. I love watching those guys… Brock Lesnar could do anything at any second. He could grab a guy and just slam him through the f*ckin’ ring, through the floor, you know what I mean? Anything could happen with Brock Lesnar… He has this unpredictability about him, and I feel the same way about Braun Strowman. He could do anything… it’s awesome. So him, and then I’ve got to wrestle Seth [Rollins], obviously. And, f–k, Kevin [Owens], but I would love to get beat up by the Revival in a tag match too. That would be awesome. That would be great … Tagging with Roman Reigns would be cool.”

Check out the complete Juice Robinson interview at Uproxx.com.

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