Hulk Hogan Gives High Praise To A.J. Styles, Talks Fan Support Over The Years

WWE legend Hulk Hogan recently spoke with Sports Illustrated to promote his induction into the Boys & Girls Clubs Of America Alumni Hall Of Fame. Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On being in awe of A.J. Styles work in WWE: “AJ has turned out to be one heck of a performer, one of the best in the world. Beyond that, he’s just such a good person.”

On also respecting what Styles does outside of the ring: “What AJ does in the ring is phenomenal, and that’s why we call him the ‘Phenomenal One’, but when he’s outside the ring, he’s even more phenomenal. It’s so cool to see how he takes care of his family and loves his kids. If people saw him outside of when he wrestles, they’d have even more admiration for him.”

On having support from his fans through all of his trials and tribulations over the years: “So many people are so loyal. That support has given me my pulse. I’ve wrestled for four generations of people, but after all these years, I never thought the popularity would still be this big. I’ll be 65 in a couple months, and I had no idea there would still be this groundswell of interest. People have stood by me through the good stuff, but also through the controversy. People were loyal and stood behind me even when big corporations made decisions based on their corporate policies. The fans stuck with me. It’s been amazing how loyal they have been to me.”

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