Backstage News on Possibility of Daniel Bryan Wrestling at WrestleMania 34

— As noted in a previous post, Daniel Bryan gave an interesting answer when asked if he would be competing at WrestleMania 34. According to Dave Meltzer at, “something has changed” in regards to the PPV plans as the original idea was to have Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, whereas recent developments on Smackdown suggest that they will be in a match of some sort against Shane McMahon.

— Meltzer adds that over the last month, Bryan has been aggressive in getting cleared and there are new doctors and new protocols in place that have okay’d him to return to the ring, based on the belief that his brain has responded favorably to hyperbaric chamber treatments.

— If WWE does end up clearing Bryan for WrestleMania, the likely scenario is that they will put him in the tag team match with Owens, Zayn and McMahon by doing an immediate storyline and that the announcement would probably happen very quickly after that.

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