Eli Drake Admits He Was Surprised When Chosen To Win Impact Global Title

Impact Global Champion Eli Drake recently spoke with the folks from Wrestling With Ideas about his reaction to finding out he was going to be winning the title when previous champion Alberto El Patron was stripped of the title.

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“I say it was probably around a week or 2 before the show which kind of came as a shock to me just because I think leading up to it I was almost like ‘Guys, I’m here, what are we doing with me,'” said Drake. “And then it was all of a sudden like ‘Here you go!’ I was like ‘What the? Ok. All right. Cool!’ But I’m not complaining in the least because I think those kind of surprises work out really well.”

Drake, who is currently feuding with Johnny Impact (John Morrison) during the build-up to this year’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view, admitted that he thought Johnny might’ve been the one the company chose to put the title on instead of him in the gauntlet match that decided the new champion.

“I think especially, when you look at a guy like Johnny Impact coming in,” said Drake. “Here he comes at the gauntlet match. Gauntlet for Gold. I think a lot of people were like ‘(sigh), Here comes this Johnny Impact. He is going to win it.'”

Drake continued, “Wrong! Wrong! It’s this guy, Eli Drake coming out on top and now it’s just been a helluva ride and I get to have all the responsibilities and all the perks of being champion. So I’m really digging it.”

Check out the complete Eli Drake interview at PodBean.com.

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