Graves Says Ambrose Didn't Accomplish Anything Memorable As I-C Champion

On the latest episode of “WWE: Bring it to the Table,” Corey Graves admitted he wasn’t sold at first with Jinder Mahal being the WWE Champion on the SmackDown Live brand.

“Last time we did this show, I wasn’t sure [about Mahal’s world title reign], I wasn’t sold,” said Graves. “But [when] you see him come out with the championship, and The Singh Brothers, and the suit, he looks legitimate and it’s great. Jinder looks like a big deal. Like a big time champion.”

During the show, Graves also shared his belief that Dean Ambrose didn’t accomplish anything “memorable” while holding the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

“No offense to Dean Ambrose, but I don’t really know anything memorable that Dean accomplished while as Intercontinental Champion other than losing to Miz.” Graves added, “I’m being honest. I’d say it to his face.”

Regarding the RAW side of things, Graves spoke of their world title being in the midst of an “upswing” after being “snakebitten” early on.

“On the RAW side of things, you’ve got Brock Lesnar who has the Universal Championship,” said Graves. “And, for the first time maybe since its inception, the Universal Championship actually means something. It has kind of been snakebitten. You had Finn [Bálor] win it for the first time go down with an injury, they played hot potato with Kevin Owens and the Goldberg scenario.”

Graves added, “Finally, as we head towards Great Balls Of Fire, you have Samoa Joe, a legitimate number one contender and you have Brock Lesnar who is a legitimate threat no matter what championship he holds and that for the first time is a really big, big time, big fight feel, and I can’t wait for it.”

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