Backstage Notes on Roman Reigns Beating Braun Strowman at Fastlane

  • The choice on which wrestler would be the first to beat Braun Strowman cleanly came down to either Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar, and as we saw at Fastlane, WWE went with Reigns being the guy.

  • Some fans were upset that this didn’t happen on a bigger stage than Fastlane, but in Vince McMahon’s mind, there isn’t too many things “bigger” than setting up Reigns to face Undertaker at WrestleMania and so he had no qualms about letting him get the win. Reigns is also being groomed to take on Lesnar later this summer and came out on the wrong side in all the angles leading up to the match so he pretty much had to win.

  • There’s also the contributing factor that Brock is going to get the Universal title so it didn’t make sense to also give him a win over Strowman sometime down the road as well.

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