Cesaro Claims He Will No Longer Perform Topes After Bad Landing At Clash PPV

While there is no indication as to whether or not he is having fun or making a legitimate announcement through the use of comedy and personality, Cesaro took to social media early Tuesday morning, where he stated that he will not be doing anymore dives through the ropes onto the floor (aka “topes”) spots in his matches.

Cesaro posted a meme of a Ralph, the nerd character from The Simpsons, that shows him crashing head-first after getting catapulted through a window, with his own caption, which simply read, “No more topes.”

For those who missed it, check out the GIF image posted by WWE that shows a replay of the awkward landing Cesaro took while executing a tope during his Best Of 7 Series Finale match against Sheamus at the WWE Clash Of Champions pay-per-view in Indianapolis, Indiana this past Sunday evening. The match would go on to be stopped, leaving no winner after the seventh and final mach in the series, which spanned multiple weeks and played out in multiple countries and continents.

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