More on Paige's Status, Failed Wellness Policy Violation & Her Official Statement

– The situation with Paige was chaotic the last few weeks. As it turns out, she did in fact quit WWE last week but after she did that, both sides decided to “mend fences” and work towards a return, possibly at the 9/19 Raw in Memphis. The decision was made several weeks ago to terminate her, even before her Wellness Policy violation was announced, but it may be that there was a change of heart after she retained legal help.

– The story with her failed Wellness Policy violation is that apparently WWE went to her home to drug test her but she wasn’t there and was instead with Alberto Del Rio in Texas. When she was unable to be located, WWE considered that a violation and suspended her. Ultimately, she did take the test several days later and passed it.

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Paige also took to Twitter to post the following:

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