Ryback Takes Shot At CM Punk After His UFC Debut Gets Delayed Again

Some people forgive, but never forget.

Ryback took to social media on Wednesday, giving a receipt to the man who has publicly ripped into him for his “unsafe” style of work in the past.

Ryback posted a tweet in response to the news that CM Punk’s UFC debut will be delayed once again due to back surgery, kicking “The Best in the World” while he’s down.

The WWE Superstar took a line that Punk used during his infamous rant on the “Art of Wrestling” podcast about being injured by Ryback in WWE in the past.

“Either you’re doing it on purpose and you suck, or you’re dumb as f*ck. Which is it?,” Punk claimed to have asked Ryback when describing the incident during his widely circulated shoot interview on Colt Cabana’s podcast. It was then that Punk said that Ryback replied in a dejected manner, “I’m dumb as f*ck.”

“The Big Guy” was likely anything but dejected when re-delivering the line to Punk in a Twitter response on Wednesday.

“CM Punk, my bad. It was an accident,” Ryback wrote on Twitter. “I’m dumb as f*ck.”

As seen below, Ryback ended his tweet with a sarcastic “kissy-face” emoticon.

For those who missed the original story, it was announced that CM Punk’s UFC debut has been postponed again on Wednesday, as the former WWE Superstar turned UFC hopeful underwent surgery this week to repair a back injury.

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