Eva Marie Says "Relentlessness" Is What Distinguishes Her From WWE Divas

WWE Diva Eva Marie recently spoke with Latina.com to promote the new season of Total Divas, which is currently airing on E! every Tuesday night. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On whether or not she is portrayed on Total Divas as she is in real life:

How I am so close to my family I feel is definitely portrayed on the show, especially how I’m a daddy’s little girl. I wish that it showed how grueling the training schedule is and how much I’ve been putting into wrestling, and kind of that element. Other than that, it’s pretty accurate I would say.”

On what, besides her red hair, makes her stand out from the rest of the WWE Divas:

“I have a lot of different, unique qualities, especially in how I came into the WWE, and how I was raised and brought up. But I think my determination for sure; especially you can see it throughout the seasons and stuff. I feel like my strength and determination and willingness to never give up no matter what anybody says, depending on if it’s a coworker, or who knows. Also too, social media now is so big these days that even people on social media can be pretty brutal. It can get to peoples heads and people end up crushing whatever dream that they had, and I feel like in my case it does the exact opposite and just kind of fuels my fire. My favorite word to use to describe myself is relentless. And, I think that’s a perfect word that suits me, no matter what, I’m relentless in any fight that I’m dealing with.”

On a day in the life of Eva Marie:

“Each day is actually really different just because being apart of WWE we’re constantly on the road. Depending on the day, I might be catching a flight, going to show, but no matter what when I wake up I got to get a workout in. Even if it’s really quick, I always want to break a sweat everyday just because it helps me not only in the ring but also my mental state. It kind of centers me and gets me going for the day. I think that’s also to a part of being a WWE Diva is you got to be able to be really flexible with your schedule and how things go, because certain things pop up and then it’s time to kind of switch things around and make sure you’re always available to do that.”

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