Jay Lethal Talks About Being The Face Of Ring Of Honor

The following are highlights of a new Chad Dukes Wrestling Show interview with ROH’s Jay Lethal:

On being the face of ROH: “I feel like I won the lottery because what a perfect time to be the world champion of Ring of Honor with all the momentum from Sinclair and everything and now the acquisition of being on Destination America and with the inevitable downfall of the other company who assumed the number two slot, because we are the number two wrestling company in the world right now. But yeah it’s an exciting time I feel like I won the lottery.”

On wrestling a 60-minute draw: “I don’t believe there’s any way to prepare for that. It’s like, ‘Oh, I’m a runner. So I’m going to go practice in the gym on the treadmill and on the elliptical.’ I have actually run on the treadmill and I’ve run on elliptical and then I decided to run through my park at home and let me tell you there’s no substitute for really running. When there’s something that you need to get done there’s no substitute other than actually doing it. So there was really no preparing to have a sixty-minute match, it was tough.”

“It’s one of those moments where you have to dig down deep and pull everything that you have and I swear by the end of that match I had nothing left. There was nothing left in the tank, so to speak.”

Check out the complete interview at ChadDukesWrestlingShow.com.

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