NXT DVD/Blu-Ray, Indie Women's Wrestler Getting WWE Tryout, Itami Update

– WrestlingDVDNetwork.com reports that there is talk of WWE releasing an NXT DVD/Blu-ray set in early 2016. Aside from a match compilation, the upcoming WWE Network ‘WWE 24’ special focusing on NXT could be included.

– NXT Superstar Hideo Itami tweeted the following response to a fan on Twitter asking about his recovery from injury:

– Independent women’s wrestler Ruby announced on Facebook that she is getting a WWE tryout at the Performance Center in Orlando, FL next month.

It’s official. Not only am I APW’s world heavy weight champion but I also have a for sure WWE …NXT tryout in Orlando Florida next month !!!!! APW has been amazing and I won’t let them down! I’ll be conditioning like crazy to prepare for the tryout and will keep everyone updated on my journey!!!

And to my fans….thank you for all the support


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