Dolph Ziggler On Attending Justin Bieber Roast, Fan Reaction To Roman Reigns

The following are highlights of a new Dolph Ziggler interview.

On WrestleMania 31 and his WWE Intercontinental Title ladder match against six other superstars: “I’m a bitter, chip-on-my shoulder guy who doesn’t care about anybody else, but there’s a little bit of that tiny wrestling fan inside me that gets excited to see Sting for the first time ever at a WrestleMania. Or to see if Undertaker’s going to have his entrance or to see if I can go out there and, not just outdo myself and have fun, but it’s like wow, millions of people watching, 80-something-thousand people are in attendance at this event. This is a huge monumental deal. And no matter how jaded or bitter you are, it’s a very special thing, no matter who you are or what match you’re in to, take a look out there for five seconds and look around and go wow, I’m a part of history.”

On the backlash WrestleMania main eventer Roman Reigns has received from fans: “All of those Shield guys, who came in protected, have done nothing but deliver, in my opinion, and I am a harsh critic of everyone. I wish I could be in the main event. I feel that I am better than Roman Reigns, but you know what? He hasn’t wrestled as long as I have. And if he does anything that comes up short of delivering, I’ll be all over his case and I’ll be the first one to go on Twitter and go, ‘Yup, told you it should’ve been me.'”

On his performance at the Royal Rumble: “I was pissed. I was out there for a minute at the most and I was so disgusted with myself and so disappointed with the position I was in.”

On how he deals with frustrations with his role in the company: “You don’t just go to your bosses and say, ‘This sucks, I’m supposed to be winning everything.’ If you have an awesome idea or a story, or something great, you go, ‘Hey, how about we do this,’ but when the story is not you, you have to find a way to make it work.”

On attending the taping of the Justin Bieber roast: “Martha Stewart kicked ass. She was great.”

On balancing wrestling with his stand-up comedy career: “I make sure to write every day, even if it’s a little bit.”

On adult website Brazzers recently making him an offer to sponsor his wrestling trunks: “Twitter ranted about what I should do next. Brazzers offered me $10,000 and I could pick my partner if I would join them. So Brazzers has always been there for me.”

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