Batista Involved In Physical Altercation With A Fan At WWE Live Event

WWE Superstar Batista got into a physical altercation with a fan at Friday night’s WWE live event from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Prior to his match against the Big Show, Batista exchanged words at ringside with Cam Carson, a radio DJ from the local Power 97 station that was a co-sponsor of the show. According to multiple fan accounts, Carson hit Batista in the back/shoulder area as he was turning to enter the ring for his match. Batista then allegedly got in his face and shoved him down. Carson attempted to climb over the ringside barricade but was stopped by security.

Several minutes later, Batista was circling the ring (after his match) and flipped Carson the bird. That led to Carson getting riled up and trying to hop the rail again, which led to security escorting him away.

* PHOTO of BATISTA’s Altercation with DJ Cam Carson

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