Dean Ambrose Talks About Working With The Undertaker & More

Earlier this week, The Shield appeared on the Onnit podcast. Here are some highlights that Dean Ambrose talked about:

Getting Called Up To The Main Roster: “By the time we actually got through sitting in Tampa for a while, we had all been down there for a long time… but by the time we were at like, we’re at Wrestlemania, we’re on the main stage, we’re doing our thing, because we got thrown right into the fire really quickly. We had a good little act with three rookies, and they just threw us right out there with the main eventers. We were working with John Cena, Randy Orton, Big Show.”

Working with Undertaker: “We were working with Undertaker in a six man tag in London. The most legendary, most intimidating figure in the history of the business, wrestles once, maybe twice per year. Usually once a year, he did an extra match that year, working with us in the six man tag.

“We had double-shotted [worked two shows] that day and did a show in Cardiff, Wales earlier in the day and they helicoptered us in to do the other show, which was a live RAW. We got there pretty much right as our music was playing, and pretty much had to go right up and right down into the crowd and right into the ring, which was nothing, nothing really worked out or anything.Someone proofread this. We were in there with Undertaker who, again, is one of the most legendary, intimidating guys in the business, but at this point we’re like the World Series guy, screw it, let’s just go out and do it.

“So we just went out there and did it. We were like, that was cool. It was like we’re at Wrestlemania, we’re on the main stage, we’re in the WWE. Hell yeah we are. This is where we belong. It doesn’t feel like whoa, this is such an accomplishment. It’s just like, no, it feels right. This is where we’re supposed to be.”

Here’s video of the appearance:


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