Heyman Reacts To Screwing Over Punk, Rhodes Talks Sandow Betrayal

-Paul Heyman was spotted leaving the arena in Philadelphia on Sunday night after turning on CM Punk in the WWE “All-Stars” Money In The Bank ladder match. WWE.com attempted to speak with Heyman as he exited the building, but Heyman kept walking. Finally, Heyman turned around and yelled, “Stay out of my personal life!”

-WWE caught up with Cody Rhodes following his crushing loss in the World Heavyweight Championship Money In The Bank ladder match on Sunday night. Rhodes didn’t have a response to Damien Sandow for turning on him and costing him the match.

Immediately after that, WWE cameras caught up with Damien Sandow. Sandow was proudly walking around with the briefcase. He noted that they have been saying, “may the best man win” and on Sunday, the best man won.

-Rosa Mendes recently noted on Twitter that WWE ring announcer Tony Chimel has lost 58 pounds — his original goal. Chimel used Rosa’s “Musclemania” program to shed the excess weight.

Plans For Punk/Heyman/Lesnar Feud, SSlam Matches + RAW *SPOILERS* For Tonight!

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