JBL Has Near Death Experience Climbing Russia's Mount Elbrus

John Bradshaw Layfield had a near death experience on Monday during the first part of his Seven Summits mountain climbing adventure. While attempting to climb (Russia’s Mount Elbrus), the former WWE superstar encountered a huge snow storm that pushed them off the mountain.

JBL says he suffered frostbite and hypoxia (a condition where your body is deprived of adequate oxygen supply) and is “lucky to be alive.”

Prior to his attempt to climb Mount Elbrus, he tweeted:

“Bad weather but suppose to get worse so…. GameTime!! Gonna be very cold and wet, see u in about 16 hours after I reach top of Europe!”

14 hours later, he followed up with this harrowing account:

“Got hypoxia and was fighting frostbite, still made it to 1,000 feet of summit then huge storm pushed us off mountain. Lucky to be alive.”

On Tuesday afternoon, he provided an update on his frostbite and hypoxia symptoms:

“all is good frostbite is fine and hypoxia symptoms left when I got off mountain.”

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