Sting Talks About His 90-Second Match With Jeff Hardy At Victory Road

During a recent interview with the Daily Star, TNA champion Sting made his first public comments about the 90-second match he had with Jeff Hardy at Victory Road. There were widespread reports that the match was cut short at the last minute because Jeff Hardy was “in no condition” to perform that night. Sting said:

“I love Jeff Hardy. I don’t want to do anything to harm him. He has personal issues, everyone knows that. But some things are true and some are not. What is true is that it all came to a head that week and hit really big that night. I hated what happened because I wanted to give fans a great match. But I realize it had to happen the way it did.”

After the match was over, Sting says he was very concerned about Hardy’s condition:

“And after all was said and done I came to the back and made sure he was OK. He is OK and he’s been talking to people close to him a lot. Jeff is getting stronger. He’s riding 10 miles a day on his mountain bike to get in condition, I hear! Good luck to him.”

* VERY Disturbing Video Of SCOTT HALL From Friday Night – SO Sad…

(Source: Daily Star)

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