JBL Posts First Video Blog & Talks About CM Punk Leaving WWE, Eddie Guerrero

Former WWE star JBL has posted his first video blog on Facebook, where he talks about the late Eddie Guerrero, CM Punk leaving WWE next month and more. You can watch the video blog over at Facebook.com.

JBL also shared some more of his thoughts regarding CM Punk’s upcoming WWE departure on Facebook after finally getting to watch the promo. JBL tweeted on Tuesday:

“I haven’t watched a wrestling program since well before I left WWE 2+ years ago. Heard about CM Punk’s promo and watched it this morning-WOW! That was awesome, as good as I have ever seen. I worked with CM when he first became champ-really enjoyed it and really happy to see what a stud he has become. When you can put doubt as to whether shoot or work-you have done your job very well!”

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