WWE Vintage Collection Report (12/19/10)

WWE Vintage Collection Report: December 19th 2010
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Hosted by: Mean Gene Okerlund

Happy holidays everyone. Due to last week’s edition being bumped to midweek, it’s two shows in quick succession this week. Our first show concludes our look at Saturday Night’s Main Event, with our focus shifting towards the beginning of the 90s. Let’s begin.

April 15th 1991: WWF Tag Team Titles
Nasty Boys w/Jimmy Hart vs Bushwhackers
In pre-recorded comments, Hart states the Nastys may be nasty, but are not disgusting like the Bushwhackers. The Nastys mimick the New Zealanders’s customary “Whoa,” “Yeah” chants as Sags calls them grotesque, ugly and scummy, while Knobbs threatens to rip their stinkin’ arms off and shove them up their nose. Nice! The Bushwhackers retort by licking Roddy Piper and lifting up his kilt. Butch classes Piper’s manhood as “another bloody shrimp on the Barbie,” which convinces Piper that they’re nasty.

Luke absorbs an early beating from Knobbs. The Bushwhackers quickly clear the ring first with a double clothesline, then with battering rams. Knobbs kicks Luke in the back of the head to turn the tide. The Nastys drop a series of elbows. Sags misses a corner charge, Butch tags in and goes clothesline crazy. Butch ducks under a Sags clothesline only to take one from Knobbs. Luke dives into Knobbs as he goes to slam Butch, with Butch falling on top. Sags has to make a late save. Nearly a title change there. With Knobbs in the ropes, he takes down Butch and pins him with the aid of Sags’s boot pressing into his rear for momentum. That was one nasty match. Winners: NASTY BOYS.

January 3rd 1990: Crown Match
Macho King Randy Savage w/Sensational Queen Sherri vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan
During the pre-match interviews we see Savage using Sherri’s loaded purse to knock out Hacksaw and steal the kingship from him the previous September. Hacksaw vows revenge for the peasants and threatens to crack Sherri’s makeup like the Berlin Wall if she gets involved. Savage calls Mean Gene a court jester before reminding us the King rules the peasants, not the other way round and Hacksaw is a peasant. Hacksaw will never rule the madness, wield the sceptor, wear the crown or have a Queen like Sherri. The Queen pledges her allegiance to Savage, Okerlund brings up the purse, Savage cuts him off, dismisses Sherri and states his throne awaits. Sherri was stunning here, both looks wise and in her delivery.

Four unknown jobbers bring Savage out on his throne. Hacksaw tips Savage over, taking the fight to the King on the floor. Back inside, Savage kicks Hacksaw in the head and clotheslines. Hacksaw comes back with clotheslines and an atomic drop. Sherri screams at Hacksaw to get his attention. Hacksaw lunges at her allowing Savage to sledge Hacksaw through the ropes. Savage lands a couple of double axehandles from the top rope and a running hotshot. Savage gets caught in the ropes after missing a running spike. Hacksaw backdrops a charging Savage out of the ring.

Hacksaw gives Savage a slam and kneedrop. Sensing her protégé in trouble, Sherri climbs onto the apron to grab referee Danny Davis and stop him from counting, then places Savage’s foot on the bottom rope. Hacksaw sends Savage packing after several clotheslines. Sherri rakes Hacksaw’s back. Hacksaw chases Sherri and corners her. Davis gets in-between the two, Sherri escapes and Savage sends Hacksaw into the corner with a knee to the back. Hacksaw catches Savage coming off the top rope with a gut punch. Sherri loads her purse with something from inside her cleavage, passes it to Savage and distracts Davis as Savage wipes out Hacksaw. 1-2-kickout. Hacksaw counters a slam into a small package, atomic drops Savage into the corner and catches him with several clotheslines. Hacksaw connects with the three point stance clothesline, but it puts Savage on the outside. As Hacksaw goes to suplex Savage back in, Sherri grabs the leg, Savage falls on top and Sherri holds it down enabling Savage to pick up the win and retain the kingship. Ohhhh Yeahhhhh! This was fun to watch. Winner: MACHO KING RANDY SAVAGE.

October 30th 1990:
Big Boss Man vs Mr Perfect
Bobby Heenan had been making derogatory remarks about Boss Man’s mother. Boss Man came after him, so Perfect stepped in to defend Heenan’s honour, replacing the recently departed Ravishing Rick Rude, who was initially pegged for the role. Perfect slaps Boss Man to rile him up. Boss Man catches up to him outside. Back inside, Perfect shows off with a cartwheel. A fed up Boss Man clotheslines, then bounces Perfect around the ring like a rag doll. A hair biel ends up crotching Perfect in the ringpost. After delivering a backbreaker, Boss Man foolishly heads up top and misses a splash. Perfect makes him pay with a rolling neck snap and kicks to the back. Boss Man screams in pain.

Perfect removes one of the top turnbuckle pads from the corner. Both take a turn in hitting the exposed steel. Seeing Boss Man in trouble, Bobby Heenan chooses now to run down and support Perfect. Boss Man foils a Perfect plex, Perfect hooks it a second time, but Boss Man manages to kick out. Perfect tells Heenan to pull down the top rope as he sends Boss Man in, but Boss Man reverses and Perfect takes a spill to the floor. Boss Man grabs Heenan, who slaps him and runs. Boss Man gives chase, remembers about the match and runs back, but is too late to beat the count. Winner via Countout: MR PERFECT. Heenan slips over as soon as he gets to the back. Boss Man grabs his nightstick to swing at Perfect who jumps over the top rope and bails. In the back, Heenan appeals to Okerlund for help. Okerlund tells Heenan he’s a marked man. Heenan pleads his case saying he was trying to apologise and gets on his knees begging Okerlund to go to Jack Tunney. Vintage Heenan.

April 23rd 1990:
Hart Foundation vs Rockers
The Harts play subtle heels during a backstage interview wth Jesse Ventura, as Ventura “tips his hat” to them for challenging the winners of the Tag Title match at WrestleMania VI long before it happened. After stating that “Demolition are on notice,” Ventura dismisses the Rockers as a bunch of “somersaulting sissies.” Bret states “a pair of tumbling teenyboppers are no match for the Hart Foundation,” while Anvil adds “after their Hart Attack they can join Demolition in the coronary unit.” Mean Gene speculates on the Rockers being outgunned. Michaels says the Harts may be prepared for a shootout with Demoliiton, but warns they’re not ready for the Rockers aerial attack. Jannetty reveals the Rockers want a shot at Demolition too and tells the Hart Foundation to be prepared for a broken heart.

Bret and Jannetty cancel each other out at the start. Bret rolls through on a Michaels cross body from the top rope. The Rockers give Bret a double side Russian legsweep, nip up, but get wiped out by a big Anvil clothesline. Anvil tackles Jannetty onto the apron. Jannetty slides back in underneath and gives the big man a drop toehold. Michaels can’t tackle or slam Anvil. Michaels slips down from a slam attempt and floors him with a dropkick. Anvil catches Michaels in mid-air with a slam, as does Bret, who gives the Rocker an inverted atomic drop, followed by a clothesline. Bret lands a hard shot to Michaels’s back as he runs the ropes. The Harts isolate Michaels, as Anvil elevates Michaels with a high backbodydrop and unleashes several battering rams in the corner. Bret gives Michaels a backbreaker as Demolition wander down for a bird’s eye view. Bret gets distracted allowing Michaels to dropkick him to the floor. Bret takes exception to Demolition helping him up, but doesn’t strike them.

The Harts keep the advantage until Bret misses an elbow from the second rope. Jannetty enters to catch Bret with a flying backelbow, powerslam and superkick. Bret halts the momentum by countering a backboydrop into a swinging neckbreaker. Anvil misses a springboard splash on Jannetty from the apron, but manages to send Michaels flying with a huge diving tackle. Michaels comes back to drill Anvil with a backelbow. Anvil catches a cross body, so Michaels shifts his weight across to fall on top. Anvil presses him off of a cover to send Michaels to the floor. Once again, Demolition try to help the fallen man up, but this time Jannetty rushes over and shoves Ax, sparking a six-man brawl. Regrettably, the match is thrown out as a double DQ and no clear winner is determined. This was a super match at a time when Tag Team wrestling was a big deal. With Legion of Doom soon headed in, one team needed to go heel and Demolition were the ones that turned, soon adding Crush to their ranks.

Two stellar offerings in the Crown and Main Event tag bouts, as we bring the curtain down on our SNME retrospective.

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