Jim Ross Blog: NXT Season 3 Premiere, Daniel Bryan, WWP Promotion

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog, which you can read in its entirety at JRsBarBQ.com. Some highlights from this update:

NXT Season 3 Premiere: “The first NXT season 3 broadcast featuring all Divas is different. I’m willing to give the concept a chance to hook me unlike some who have emailed me lambasting the process after an hour or less of watching it. Seems like some were harder on certain folk’s dancing which was an attempt at entertainment than they were simply looking at the potential of the Divas. I’ve seen some of these ladies in FCW and was impressed with various aspects of each of their game. Naomi, obviously, is a gifted athlete clearly became the early favorite to win the competition in season three.”

“I could just have just seen my big ass up in the ring Tuesday night ‘dancing’ if I had been on the broadcast team. Happy to have been watching on Syfy. Those who were doing some ‘dancing’ were merely doing their jobs folks, having fun and attempting to entertain us as directed. Many fans need to ‘Lighten Up Francis.”

Daniel Bryan’s “LeBelle Lock” Submission: Daniel Bryan’s salute to Judo Gene LeBelle by naming Bryan’s submission the LeBelle Lock is a respectful gesture. LeBelle is a former pro wrestler, Hollywood stunt man, actor, etc who is also regarded as one of the toughest men to ever walk the face of the Earth. Legend has it that he once made actor/martial arts practitioner Steven Segal soil himself when the two had a physical encounter that was allegedly provoked by the egocentric Segal. Gene also refereed the Muhammad Ali-Antonino Inoki MMA bout that I, among many others, invested in years ago. BTW…it did not make any money for many of the investors.

New Wrestling Promotions: “When I hear of the alleged plans of new, national wrestling promotions being announced and how they will roll out their new ‘concepts’ on how they will uniquely promote the timeless genre of pro wrestling it becomes an ‘eye roller.’ It constantly amazes me that some rich folks will continue to send good money after bad in a business wrought with unique nuances, folks with less than honorable character along with self serving agendas that the money people will never know or understand and will quickly lose big bucks and join the ranks of others who have more money than common sense.”

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