Vince McMahon's "Mr. McMahon" Character Reportedly Finished

Vince McMahon’s evil “Mr. McMahon” character is said to be finished, according to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The character was spawned back in 1997 following the infamous Montreal Screwjob. McMahon’s on-air character turned heel for the first time and it became the antagonist to the company’s top star “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in arguably the best run in the history of the company.

With Bret Hart’s return to WWE after 13 years, McMahon felt WrestleMania would be the perfect chance for Bret Hart to get his ultimate revenge and wipe out Mr. McMahon once and for all. The over-the-top beatdown he sustained at the hands (and feet) of the Hart family signified the end of the character.

McMahon is a firm believer in pushing younger acts and is not blind to the fact that he’s in his 60’s and the character more than ran its course.

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