Who Is The WWE Women's Champion?, Melina Injury Update, Chat With The Divas

— Though Layla and Michelle McCool came to the ring wearing matching Women’s Titles on Friday’s episode of SmackDown, according to WWE.com, they are merely “self-professed” co-Women’s Champions. Officially, Layla is the WWE Women’s Champion. McCool is not an official holder of the belt.

— On Twitter, Melina indicated she has two months of physical therapy left before she can return to the ring. She also asked her fans what the “latest gossip” is on her comeback, to which they replied she was being advertised for the Jun. 5 Monday Night Raw taping in Miami. She said she was unaware of any such appearance as no one in WWE told her about it, writing: “You never know, maybe I can be there for that Raw show… I surely can walk, talk and slap some people. 😀 I could still be there! But I haven’t heard from anyone though. 🙁 so who knows if I’m supposed to be in Raw or SD. I’m in the dark like all of you. Maybe more so :p”

— Speaking of Melina, she will be appearing on tonight’s Over The Limit live chat on WWEUniverse.com. Tonight is “Divas Night” as the winner of the Divas Championship Match between Eve Torres and Maryse will appear during the session. Also scheduled to appear is former Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix. Click here for more information.

*SPOILER* on the General Manager of Raw ->

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