CM Punk Talks About Working For Vince McMahon, His Dream Opponent & More

The Desert Sun out of Palm Springs, California has an interview up today with World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk. To read the entire interview, visit Here’s what Punk said about:

Working for Vince McMahon: “I think he’s a great dude. He’s so passionate about what he does, and when you think about how long he’s been doing it, it’s outstanding. He took something very small and made it a global phenomena.”

Working with Ricky Steamboat: “It’s very cool; a dream come true. It’s something you never think would happen and it does happen. I enjoyed that very much. It’s good to see Ricky every day; we’re buddies. He’s still got a lot to teach me and I still got a lot to learn and it all works out.”

His Dream Opponent: “For a long period of time, Harley Race was the best wrestler in world. Talk about a guy who back then, even now, he just gets it. He knew what his job was and he went out and did it. He’s probably the toughest wrestler who ever lived. I’m also good friends with him. He’s a sweetheart. But yeah, if I could pick one guy, it’d be Harley. He’s someone I want to wrestle and never will wrestle. I think he was just like the best wrestler in the world for almost a decade.”

Who He Wants To Face at WrestleMania: “It’s a better question to ask when I’m closer to Wrestlemania, so I can see realistically what I’m doing. I know this past year, I was kinda hoping — I was Intercontinental Champion at the time — I was hoping I’d get to face Rey Mysterio.”

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