Eric Bischoff Rejects Working With WWE, Great American Bash PPV Poster Released

— Via Twitter (, a fan asked Eric Bischoff if he’ll be taking part in WWE’s upcoming “Rise and Fall of WCW” DVD release — which Jim Ross noted was in production in a recent blog post. Bischoff responded with the following:

“They called and asked me to be a part of it and I declined. No desire to give credibility to their revisionist hist.”

Bischoff later added the following in response to another fan:

“Chose not to participate in WWE’s latest revisionist history initiative for many reasons including the obvious one.”

— in DEMAND has released the promotional poster for the upcoming Great American Bash pay-per-view, which features Batista. You can see the poster here. Although, the poster appears to be a placeholder poster.

The Great American Bash will be taking place on Sunday, June 28 as its date was switched with Night of Champions.

— The Bella Twins are featured on the latest edition of “Diva Shorts” on

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