How Many TNA Impact Video Games Were Sold?, Jimmy Rave Speaks, Spin Cycle

— According to data compiled by video games sales chart website, Midway Games’ release of the “TNA iMPACT!” video game sold 450,000 copies total across video game platforms Nintendo Wii, XBox 360, PS3 and PS2 in its first 10 weeks out. These numbers are said to be below expectations for both companies. Despite company problems in Midway, and the lackluster video game sales for “TNA iMPACT!”, it was reported in October that a sequel was in the works with additional aspects such as the TNA Knockouts and the Six Sides of Steel.

— TNA wrestler Jimmy Rave has written a piece for talking about his start in the professional wrestling business. Rave’s been around wrestling since he was 15 and is now 26. He also talks about friends he encountered during his early days, including CM Punk and Matt Sydal. {OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND – Jimmy Rave}

— The TNA website has posted the latest edition of “Spin Cycle” featuring Kurt Angle, Eric Young, backstage announcer Lauren Brooke, and Earl Hebner. Topics discussed include President-elect Barack Obama, the economy, and the Main Event Mafia vs. TNA Front Line feud. You can see this week’s show at the following link.

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