CM Punk Says Friends Warned Him Against WWE, Talks About His Wrestling Name

This week conducted an interview with C.M. Punk, which can be read here. Some highlights:

– C.M. Punk told ESPN he was born to be a WWE wrestler even when many close friends told him not to: “A whole bunch of people told me that if I went to WWE, I’d never make it. But it’s like I never heard them. I never listened. To me, I’m exactly where I belong. I feel like I was born to do this. Whatever your walk in life is, you pick what you want to be, then go ahead and be the best one.”

– When asked about his wrestling name, Punk said, “I think C.M. Punk is one of the worst names in the business, but I am what I am. I’m a big fan of unnecessary alliteration. I’m a big comic book nerd, so it always tickled me that everybody’s name is like Peter Parker or Lana Lang. So in wrestling, Duke ‘The Dumpster’ Droese was always a really good bad name.”

– Punk says it’s not always the creative team’s fault when a wrestler gets stuck with a bad name. “I think it boils down to being the wrestler’s fault. You don’t always have to say yes to everything. You can say: ‘No, I’m not a Rooster.’ It is intimidating and you don’t want to screw up or burn bridges, so a lot of guys, if they hand you something, they just try and take that ball and run with it.”

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