WWE One Night Stand Results From San Diego, California

WWE One Night Stand Results – 6/01/2008
The San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, California
Report by: Richard Gray of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

We’re live from the San Diego Sports Arena as Jim Ross announces that the event is sold out. Tonight, every match will have ‘extreme rules’. Lilian announces that Umaga vs. Jeff Hardy will start things out.

Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga
Falls Count Anywhere

The following match is a Falls Count Anywhere match. Jeff Hardy comes out first. He got another loud pop from the live crowd. Umaga comes out to his usual amount of heat. Chad Patton is the referee for this opening contest. The bell rings and we’re officially underway. Again, Falls Count Anywhere. Umaga starts with the opening control, throwing Hardy into the turnbuckles and drawing loud heat. Hardy connects on a kick but when he tries going off the top rope, he is caught by Umaga and slammed to the mat for the first near fall of the match. Umaga, somewhat overzealous, goes to attack Hardy on the mat but ends up getting thrown to the outside. Hardy jumps to the outside with a cross-body for a cover on the outside. It doesn’t seem to affect Umaga as he goes on the offensive on the outside. The fight goes to the crowd with Umaga using chairs and then throwing Jeff into a crowd barrier. Umaga begins to taunt Hardy, but he turns around only to get a traffic control barrel over the head by Hardy. It doesn’t have any affect on Umaga as he beats Hardy down with right hands. Umaga goes for a splash, but he misses.

Hardy picks up a fire extinguisher and hoses Umaga with it. Umaga tries to get away but Hardy follows. Hardy does it again to Umaga in the locker room. Umaga picks up a wood chair in the backstage area, Hardy dodges it. Hardy climbs a set of stairs backstage; he slides down the rail onto Umaga. Hardy gets a two count as Chad Patton is with them. Umaga begins to climb the stairs again. Jeff, appears hurt, is at the top. The fight spills out to one of the merchandise selling levels in the venue. Umaga throws Hardy into a trash can and gets another near fall. Hardy tries to get way but Umaga kicks him in the midsection. The fight goes to outside the arena as Umaga slams Hardy’s head off a forklift. Umaga continues to throw Jeff Hardy’s head off anything medal that he can find outside of the venue. Finally Hardy is able to slow Umaga down by bouncing his head off of a truck then choking him out with what appears to be some type of hose. Hardy climbs a production truck, Umaga follows. Hardy kicks Umaga off the ladder. Hardy gets to the top of the 18 wheeler and hits a Swanton on Umaga. He gets the three count on Umaga on the asphalt.

Winner – Jeff Hardy

Big Show vs. John Morrison vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. CM Punk
Singapore Cane Match

The winner of the forthcoming Singapore Cane Match will become the number one contender for the ECW Championship. Tony Chimmel announces CM Punk to the ring first. For those that do not remember how this thing works, there are Singapore Canes hanging above all four corners of the ring. Chavo is out next with Bam Neely. Tommy Dreamer comes out next followed by WWE Tag Team Champion John Morrison. Big Show comes out last. Scott Armstrong is the referee. Punk, Dreamer, Chavo, and Morrison try to gain up on Big Show. He cleans house, cumulating with huge scoop slams on Chavo, Morrison, and Dreamer. The teamwork continues on Big Show as Punk connects, then Morrison, Dreamer hits a DDT, and Chavo a Frog Splash off the top rope. All four men get a cane and start beating down Big Show. Punk and Dreamer get him out of th ering only for the heels to clean house. Morrison is in the ring working on Dreamer as Chavo and Punk are going at it on the outside. Chavo goes for a cane shot on Punk but Punk ducks and Chavo connects on Shawne Merriman in the crowd. Merriman ends up getting involved, helping CM Punk take down Chavo.

Big Show picks up the steel ring steps and goes after The Miz (I didn’t see him come out earlier) but Morrison counters on Big Show. Meanwhile in the ring, Dreamer is working over Morrison with a Singapore Cane as he hits a pumphandle suplex with a cane. Punk comes in and goes for GTS, Dreamer counters and puts him in the Texas Clover Leaf. We’ve got color as Big Show is bleeding above his eye. Chavo/Morrison are going at it on the top turnbuckle. Chavo drops Morrison off, but Punk lands a kick on Chavo. Morrison and Dreamer work together to take out Punk. All four men (other than Big Show) are down in the ring. Show is bleeding profusely on the outside. Show takes care of Bam Neely and Miz on the outside. Morrison tries to make the save on the outside but Big Show beats him hard with a Singapore Cane. Big Show gets in the ring with a garbage can of canes. Show takes care of the remaining three in the ring. Big Show clears the ring except for Dreamer. Dreamer shows determination but ends up getting a chokeslam. Big Show, still bleeding, has officially cleaned house. He goes back to work on Dreamer in the ring. Big Show sets Dreamer up in the turnbuckles, picks up a cane and hits Dreamer over the head. Show puts one foot over Dreamer and gets the three count.

Winner – Big Show

John Cena vs. John “Bradshaw” Layfield
First Blood Match

The following match is a First Blood match. John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield comes out first — on foot — not in his limousine. John Cena’s music hits and he gets a tremendous pop from the live crowd. Cena storms through the entrance and gives his salute. Marty Elias is officiating as he calls for the bell. JBL removes one of the turnbuckle covers right after the bell sounds. Not to be outdone, John Cena removes one in his corner (that was extremely goofy). Here comes the street fight, JBL and Cena exchange hard blows. Cena hits his knees first but counters after being whipped into the ropes. The fight goes to the outside where Cena bounces JBL’s head off the announce table. Back in the ring JBL whips Cena off the ropes, Cena ends up getting thrown to the outside. JBL drives an elbow into the chest of Cena. He works over Cena on the outside. JBL bounces Cena’s head off the ring apron. They get back in the ring and Cena counters after JBL tries to bounce his head off one of the unprotected turnbuckles. JBL counters again and regains control. JBL delivers a hard right hand on Cena who is on the apron. JBL lands a hard right foot to the head of Cena, sending him back to the outside.

Bradshaw connects hard rights on Cena on the outside. He grinds Cena’s face into the steel on the crowd control barrier. Cena’s not busted open. Another hard right on Cena until he counters with several rights of his own. Bradshaw connects a thumb to Cena’s eye and another hard right boot. JBL gets a metal chair and props Cena’s head on the ring post on the outside. Cena ducks the shot and fight JBL back to where Lilian was sitting. JBL hits Cena with a microphone. JBL rolls Cena into the ring and hits Cena hard in the face with the mic. Marty Elias checks Cena for blood. JBL taunts Cena to get the crowd hot. JBL calls Cena an SOB as Cena begins his counter. He flies off the ropes onto JBL before slamming him to the mat. The crowd comes alive as Cena signals the five knuckle shuffle. He hits it and prepares for the FU. He doesn’t hit it as JBL counters to get to the outside. Both Cena and JBL are dazed on the outside. Bradshaw to his feet first. He gets another big boot to the face of Cena. JBL throws Cena into the ring post. Elias checks Cena – no blood.

JBL gets the steel ring steps. He throws them at Cena but Cena ducks away. JBL bounces Cena’s head off the crowd control barrier on the outside. He takes the pad off the top of the barrier and bounces Cena off it again. The crowd cheers on Cena. JBL gets on the steel ring steps, went for a DDT, but Cena counters. Cena gets up to regroup, he gets a microphone. Cena connects with a hard mic shot on JBL – no blood. Cena rubs Bradshaw’s face into the steel ring steps. Cena throws Bradshaw back into the ring. He grabs a chair and throws it in the ring. Cena goes for a hard chair shot but Bradshaw blocks. Cena gets his head bounced off of one of the exposed turnbuckles. Still no blood. JBL thinks he has it won as he taunts Cena. JBL off the ropes, Cena counters and hits a bulldog on JBL onto the steel chair. Still no blood. JBL gets a steel chain out of his towel that he brought to ringside. Bradshaw hits Cena in the ribs with the chain wrapped around his fist. Cena gets to his feet and out of nowhere connects on the FU. JBL drops the chain in the process. Cena coughs, selling his ribs. JBL lays lifeless in the ring as Cena grimaces in pain.

Cena gets himself tied up in the ropes. JBL gets out of the ring and grabs a whip from under the ring. Marty Elias tries to get Cena out of the ropes but he can’t do it. JBL has a bull whip as Cena looks on. Cena kicks JBL and starts to counter. Cena applies STFU with the chain. JBL starts bleeding from his mouth.

Winner – John Cena

Melina vs. Beth Phoenix
“I Quit” Match

The following match is an ‘I Quit’ match. Beth comes out first. Melina comes out as a member of her ‘paparazzi’ stumbled and fell down. Melina tried not to laugh but still smiled and patted the guy on the back. They replayed the incident and Lawler laughed. Jack Doan is the referee as he calls for the opening bell. They talk some trash before Melina jumps up on The Glamazon and hooks a Guillotine choke. Beth uses her strength to counter. Beth hits a back body drop into a backbreaker onto Melina. Beth has Melina in a bow and arrow submission and screams at her to quit. Melina grabs Beth’s hair in attempt to counter. Melina climbs to the top rope, Beth tries to throw her off but Melina sends The Glamazon down face first. Melina puts her submission maneuver on Beth. She screams as Melina wrenches back on the hold that she used Monday on Raw.

Beth uses her strength to crawl to the outside – causing Melina to have to break the hold. Melina puts Beth back in the ring but Beth picks up Melina and goes to work. Beth sets Melina up on the top, she ends up sliding off. Beth grabs Melina’s hair – Doan tells her to keep it clean. Beth locks her backbreaker submission on Melina, trying to get her to quit. Beth sends Melina to the mat face first out of the hold. Now Beth locks in an arm bar on Melina on the mat. Beth picks Melina up and slams her to the mat. Beth locks another hold on Melina and slams her back down. Beth grabs Melina’s head, trying to get her to quit. Melina battles out with right hands, Beth counters, only for Melina to counter. Beth ends up eating a face full of turnbuckle after a maneuver from Melina. Melina works on Beth in the corner and hits an arm bar take down. Beth tries to counter but Melina uses her agility to lock in an arm bar submission. Melina has it locked in but Beth uses her power to get out. Melina locks in a cross arm breaker submission.

Beth uses her power again as she hits a running power bomb. Beth grabs her left shoulder in pain. Beth slams Melina on the mat as she locks in a chicken wing submission maneuver. Melina refuses to submit. Beth slams her head off the mat and applies the hold with even more force. It got to the point where it looked like Beth was going to break Melina in half. Melina quits.

Winner – Beth Phoenix

Shawn Michaels vs. Batista
Stretcher Match

AT&T Mobile poll results for HBK vs. Batista are announced. The fan vote is 59% for HBK and 41% for Batista. The following match is a Stretcher Match. Cue Shawn Michaels’ music as he comes to ringside and says his prayer at the entrance ramp. Batista is out next as he has a determined look on his face. Batista’s in phenomenal shape as Mickie Henson from SmackDown will be the referee. Cole and Foley are on commentary. Mickie Henson calls for the opening bell as Michaels goes right after Batista. Batista throws Shawn off him twice and connects a big right hand on Michaels. Batista went for the Batista bomb early on. He sent Michaels over the top rope and to the outside. Batista picks Michaels up and drop him face first on the stretcher. Michaels counters, sending Batista into the steel ring steps. The crowd seems behind HBK as Shawn shoves Baitsta back into the steps.

Michaels connects a hard heal kick to the face of Batista. Shawn throws the ring steps upside down. Batista is dazed as Michaels sets him up on the ring steps on the outside. Michaels hits a hard right hand. HBK uses the stretcher as a weapon – pushing it right into Batista’s ribs. Shawn is almost stalking The Animal as he delivers the stretcher to the jaw of Batista. Shawn sets Batista on the stretcher. Batista battles out and goes on the offensive. He goes for the Batista Bomb again, gets him up, but Shawn counters. Batista slams HBK’s back off the apron and sets him up on the stretcher. HBK locks a submission headlock on Batista. He gets him dazed and on the stretcher. Michaels starts to push Batista up the ramp on the stretcher. Batista battles out again. Marty Elias is the referee at the finish line. Batista throws Michaels into the ring post on the outside. Batista hits an inverted spine buster on HBK on the apron and another on the crowd control barrier.

Batista gets HBK back into the ring and goes on the offensive. Batista whips Michaels into the turnbuckles – continue to work on Shawn’s lower back. Big body slam by Batista onto Michaels. Batista stalks Michaels, waiting for him to get up inside the ring. Shawn gets up, Batista charges, but Shawn counters and sends Batista shoulder first into the turnbuckles. Shawn hits a hard right hands, Batista counters and whips Shawn off the ropes. Shawn counters and gets Batista on the mat. Shawn goes for the elbow off the top rope – he connects! Shawn inflicted pain upon himself with the elbow as he sells his back. Shawn dials up Sweet Chin Music but Batista gets up and counters. Batista goes for the Batista Bomb. He tries to hit it onto to stretcher on the outside. Shawn hits a super kick on Batista, putting him on the stretcher. Shawn is now on the outside, trying to wheel Batista over the finish line. Batista holds onto the ring skirt at first, Michaels pulls him away. Batista gets off the stretcher. Michaels tries to get him back on.

The Animal goes back on the offensive, but Shawn pushes the stretcher like a battering ram right into Batista. He does it again… when he goes for a third one, Batista pushes the stretcher back. Batista ends up catapulting the stretcher in the face of Michaels. Michaels is back in the ring, Batista follows. Batista hits the Spear and pumps the crowd. Batista Bomb forthcoming… he hits it in the center of the ring. Michaels is lifeless on the mat. Batista grabs Michaels’ left arm and drags him near the end of the ring. Chris Jericho is out. Chris tells Shawn that he has more heart than this. Raw referee John Cone (the finish line ref not Elias as I noted previously) tells Jericho to go to the back. Baitsta is back in the ring as Shawn grabs Batista by the trunks. Lifeless, Shawn hits the mat. Batista hits a second Batista Bomb on Michaels. He pulls Shawn to the outside onto the stretcher. Batista wheels Michaels up the ramp. Jericho interferes, blocking the progress of the stretcher. Batista slowly walks over to Jericho slowly and stares him down. Jericho helps HBK get off the stretcher. Batista walks back down the ramp, gets a set of steel ring steps, and hits spinebuster on Michaels on the steps. Batista picks Shawn up, puts him on the stretcher, and wheels him over the finish line.

Winner: Batista

Edge vs. Undertaker
TLC Match For The WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Edge comes out first to a lot of heat. The following match is a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match and is for the vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The stip is if Undertaker loses he is banned from WWE forever. Justin Roberts gives the formal in-ring introductions since the match is for the World Heavyweight Championship. Both Charles Robinson and Jim Korderas are the referees at ringside. The match opens with Undertaker in control. He even ‘rope walks’ with Edge early. Undertaker is trying to wear the challenger down. Eventually Edge starts setting tables up on the outside but Undertaker interferes. The match opens with Undertaker in control. He even ‘rope walks’ with Edge early. Undertaker is trying to wear the challenger down. Eventually Edge starts setting tables up on the outside but Undertaker interferes. Edge is in the ring, he sets up a ladder and goes for the World Heavyweight Title hanging above. Taker runs back in the ring and tosses Edge off the ladder.

Undertaker looks to hit Snake Eyes on Edge but Edge counters by throwing Undertaker into a ladder setup on one of the turnbuckles. Edge sets another ladder on top of another corner. Taker throws Edge into one of the ladders. The match goes on top of one of the ladders in the ring. Undertaker pushes Edge into another one of the ladders in the ring. Edge is able to push the Undertaker’s ladder down as well. Undertaker is finally able to gain control as he attacks Edge with a chair on the outside. Edge counters with a chair when Undertaker goes for a leg drop on the apron. Edge hits a low blow on the Deadman on the outside. On the outside, Edge attacks Undertaker on a table. Edge jumps off the SmackDown announce table and gives Taker a Frog Splash. Edge gets in the ring and climbs to the top of the ladder. Somehow, Undertaker is able to get back into the ring and spear Edge as he gets off of the ladder. Edge goes back on the offensive, using the ladder as a weapon on Undertaker.

Edge hits several chair shots on Undertaker in the ring, still using the ladder as a weapon. Edge sets a ladder up in the ring and as Taker is getting to his feet, delivers more devastating chair shots. Edge goes to the outside and brings a chair back with him. He goes for the knockout but Taker counters. Undertaker sells his leg and then chokeslams Edge off the apron onto a ladder setup on the outside. Edge is knocked out on the outside, Undertaker starts to climb the ladder in the ring. Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins hits the ring and mug Undertaker. They slide two tables in the ring (Foley called them ladders). Hawkins and Ryder set Undertaker up on one of the tables and beat away. Hawkins climbs the top rope with Undertaker sandwiched between two tables. Taker gets up and chokeslams Hawkins through a table on the outside. Undertaker does the same to Ryder. Edge slides back in the ring with Taker distracted. Edge hit a Spear on Undertaker, sending him to the outside. There are still two tables in the ring (one of top of the other) and the ladder under the World Title. Edge climbs the ladder as Undertaker gets back in the ring. Undertaker climbs up the ladder and gives Edge the Last Ride through both of the tables.

Undertaker gets half way up the ladder but Bam Neely and Chavo Guerrero hit the ring and beat down Undertaker. They go for simultaneous chair shots and miss. Taker takes them both out with chair shots of his own. Undertaker starts to climb after the World Title again.

Undertaker gets half way to the top again but Edge pushes the ladder over, sending Undertaker through two tables in the nastiest bump of the night. Edge climbs the ladder in the ring with Taker out on the outside. Edge grabs the belt and wins the title.

Winner – Edge, the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion

Triple H (c) vs. Randy Orton
Last Man Standing Match For The WWE Championship

Randy Orton, the challenger, in this Last Man Standing match for the WWE Championship comes out first to ‘Voices’ by Rev Theory. I must say that Orton’s new music has really grown on me. WWE Champion Triple H is out next with the Championship belt around his waist. Lilian gives the formal in-ring introductions with the following match being for the WWE Championship. WWE senior referee Mike Chioda is officiating. Mike Chioda searches both competitors and calls for the opening bell. Randy Orton strikes first by sending The Game to the outside. Orton runs outside after Triple H and follows with right hands. Triple H counters – sending Orton into the steel ring steps. Triple H continues his attack with right hands on the Challenger. The Game slams Orton’s head off the announce table before he rolls him back into the ring. Triple H continues his assault in the corner of the turnbuckles in the ring. He stomps away at Orton and rips at the face of Orton.

Hunter throws Orton shoulder first into the ring post through the turnbuckles. He does it again. Triple H lands several more rights to the face of Orton and drops a knee on his face. Mike Chioda starts a count on Orton but he gets back up, Hunter whips him off the ropes, Orton counters with a drop kick. Hunter doesn’t let Orton keep the momentum as the fight goes back to the outside with Triple H in control. The Game sets Orton up on the ECW announce table. He pounds away with right hands on Orton. Hunter went for the pedigree on the table his doesn’t get it – Orton attempts an RKO but doesn’t get it. Orton ends up dropping Hunter on his head with a DDT off the announce table. Mike Chioda starts the count on Hunter. Nearly counted out, Hunter gets up at 8 and Orton goes back after him on the outside. Orton levels Triple H and Mike Chioda starts a new count. Orton rips the padding off the floor, exposing the cement. The Game gets to his feet — stopping the count — only for Orton to try an RKO on the exposed floor. Hunter counters out.

Mike Chioda starts a double countout. Hunter gets in the ring, Orton follows and drops Triple H with a blow to the back of the head. Orton stomps away at Triple H with his right foot. Orton drops a knee on the sternum of Hunter. Orton goes to the outside and throws the steel ring steps into the ring. He levels Hunter with a stiff shot with the steel ring steps. Chioda starts the count on Triple H. Chioda gets all the way to 9 before Hunter gets to his feet. Orton brings an extension cord in the ring. Triple H counters but ends up eating an Orton boot. Orton wraps the extension cord around Hunter’s neck. Chioda checks for submission. The count is back on Hunter as Orton looks on with his sadistic stare. Orton stalks Hunter while he gets to his feet — he goes for an RKO — Hunter tosses him off and to the outside. Jerry Lawler says that he thinks Orton just told Mike Chioda that he broke his collar bone. Hunter goes over and interrupts the count (apparently checking on Orton). Chioda resumes the count. Orton gets back to his feet – Triple H hits a right hand. Triple H gets a sledgehammer from under the ring and levels Orton with a stiff shot. Mike Chioda starts the count on the outside as Hunter gets back in the ring. Hunter lifts his hands in the ring in victory. Chioda finishes counting out Orton.

Winner – Triple H (retains WWE Championship)

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