Official Video Of Warrior's Return Online, Adamle Signs Confiscated, McCool-Phoenix

— WWE developmental wrestler Afa Jr. has an official website at

— A feud between Michelle McCool and Beth Phoenix appears to be in the works. Joey Styles conducted backstage interviews with the two regarding their confrontation on Raw last night. You can see McCool’s video here and Beth’s video here.

— At least three “Fire Mike Adamle” signs were confiscated by security prior to tonight’s SmackDown/ECW taping in Greensboro, N.C., reports ProWrestling.NET.

— The official video of Ultimate Warrior’s return to the ring over the weekend is now online. In the video you get a clear view of his angle with Orlando Jordan and how he moved in the ring. To see the video, click here.

See rare video of Andre the Giant pinning Warrior; pics from Warrior’s infamous WCW stint

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