*Spoilers* WWE RAW Taping Results For Tonight's Show From Austin, Texas

Thanks to readers Danny Barkley, Sheist Malone, Alex, and Eric Calbat for calling in the following results:

WWE is currently taping tonight’s edition of RAW as well as next week’s edition of RAW from the Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas. We have several readers in attendance calling us in updates.

Pre-Show Notes:

– According to one of our correspondents, the arena is beginning to fill up. The HEAT background is on the new HD titantron as the company prepares to tape that show first. Look for the first match to be dark.

– A WrestleMania promotional video is shown to the live crowd. Lilian comes out to sing the national anthem.

Dark/HEAT Match

Charlie Haas defeats Val Venis via submission
Haas changes his tights from under the ring and gets another mask. He wore black tights at first, then red tights. Venis went for the Money Shot but Haas countered with the Haas of Pain causing Val to tap out.

Tonight’s RAW (2/04):

They are taping tonight’s show first. WWE Champion Randy Orton is in the ring as they are getting ready for the contract signing segment for the Cena vs. Orton match at No Way Out. John Cena out next. After John Cena signs the contract Mark Henry runs out to ringside. He distracts Cena, as soon as he turns around, Randy Orton hits the RKO.

After the segment, a preview of things to come on tonight’s show is shown. John Cena will arm wrestle Mark Henry. Hornswoggle is scheduled to join Vince McMahon’s “Kiss My Ass” club later tonight.

Mickie James & Kelly Kelly defeat Beth Phoenix & Victoria via pinfall.
Mickie pinned Victoria to capture the win.

Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy, Chris Jericho, and JBL all come out to the ring and talk about how they are going to win the RAW Elimination Chamber match at No Way Out. Snitsky and Umaga come out later in the segment to setup a match later tonight. According to one of our correspondents, William Regal announces that JBL, Snitsky, and Umaga will take on Jeff Hardy, Chris Jericho, and Shawn Michaels in a 6 Man Tag Match later tonight.

Mr. Kennedy defeats Super Crazy via submission.
Kennedy used an inverted Figure Four leg lock that caused Super Crazy to tap out.

After the match, Kennedy cuts a promo on Ric Flair. He says that Flair might as well go ahead and forfeit their match at No Way Out now.

Santino Marella & Carlito defeat Paul London & Brian Kendrick via pinfall.
Carlito got the pin on Brian Kendrick after hitting the Back Cracker.

Mr. McMahon comes out to the ring for the “Kiss My Ass” club segment. As soon as Hornswoggle goes to kiss McMahon on the backside, Finlay comes out. McMahon says that now they both have to join the club. Instead of kissing McMahon, Hornswoggle bites him on the backside. Finlay and Hornswoggle leave together.

Mr. McMahon, who is now livid, makes a match for next week’s edition of RAW between him and Hornswoggle. McMahon says that if Finlay interferes, he’s fired. This match will be taped later tonight be sure to stay tuned for full taping results.

WWE World Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Hardcore Holly defeat Lance Cade & Tervor Murdoch via pinfall.
Cody Rhodes hit a DDT on Trevor Murdoch to get the three count. After the defeat Murdoch and Cade argue as the altercation even gets physical.

After the match, Carlito announces that he and Santino Marella are the number one contenders for the WWE World Tag Team Championships. Santino says that Rhodes & Holly have about as much chance of keeping the titles as Maria does posing in Playboy.

Jeff Hardy, Shawn Michaels, & Chris Jericho defeat Umaga, JBL, & Snitsky via pinfall.
Jeff Hardy got the pin on Snitsky after nailing a Swanton Bomb off of the top rope.

John Cena and Mark Henry Arm Wrestle.
WWE Champion Randy Orton interferes, Cena ends up hitting the FU on Mark Henry. Orton attempted an RKO on Cena, but missed and ended up running out of the ring. RAW ends after this segment.

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