Backstage Heat On Shelly Martinez, Internal Reaction To Global Impact Show

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— TNA Knockout Shelly “Salinas” Martinez has some heat with some of the male wrestlers because she did not accompany LAX on a recent house show run because she had a prior commitment for an autograph signing at a pornography convention that same weekend. As it turns out, the autograph signing was cancelled, according to Martinez in a blog on her MySpace account. There was a feeling that there was a double standard in that the male wrestlers wouldn’t be allowed to cancel a house show tour for an autograph appearance. In an unrelated note, Martinez’s new TNA ring name “Salinas” is said to be an inside rib as Dixie Carter’s husband’s name is Serge Salinas.

— Internally, it was almost a universal feeling that the “Global Impact” special was a great show, with some saying that it was the best TV TNA has done in a while. Jim Cornette in particular raved about it, as did a number of wrestlers. The booking team was also positive on the show, even though it was significantly different from the product they produce on a weekly basis.

— The Brock Lesnar UFC training video package with Kurt Angle’s comments was likely a one time thing. As best as we can tell, they don’t have any plans to air another package on this week’s show with the pay-per-view match occurring two days later.

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