Kurt Angle’s Attorney Disputes DUI Charges; Blames Angle’s Fame

Source: PWInsider.com

Kurt Angle’s Defense attorney Mike Santicola told WTAE-TV out of Pittsburgh, PA that there is no basis for DUI charges brought against his client last Friday.

Santicola stated in an interview conducted by WTAE that law enforcement officers have “no firsthand knowledge of him [Angle] operating a vehicle and they don’t have any evidence of him operating a vehicle while intoxicated.”

Santicola blamed Angle’s fame for the charges that they are disputing saying, “Part of this may be that Kurt is a celebrity,” Santicola said. “But the fact still remains there’s no evidence of his being intoxicated when he was operating that vehicle.”

It was also revealed in the interview by Santicola that Angle declined a blood test under the advice of his agent. The charges could lead to the TNA Champion getting his driver’s license revoked for one year.

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