The 2018 Championship will take place on the 2-3 June 2018, and will adopt the same racing rules, including the new 20m drafting rule enforced on the bike leg. “We continue to listen to athletes’ requests and we recognised that maintaining a fair race for all is an absolutely integral part of the Challenge Family and the new legacy of The Championship,” said the Challenge CEO Zibi Szlufcik.

The event will again be live streamed on the official website. Live commentary throughout will keep the worldwide audience up to date with accurate and relevant information as the race unfolds.


The British female champion of the 2017 event, Lucy Charles (pictured), said: “I’m having a great year and winning the first ever Challenge Family The Championship is certainly a highlight of 2017 so far. From start to finish, the atmosphere at the X-Bionic Sphere was electric. The line-up of pros was off the scale and I’m excited that The Championship will be returning to Samorin next year.”

The course has been specifically designed so that the X-Bionic Sphere forms the backdrop of the start, transition and finishing stages of the race. The majority of the run course is inside the venue grounds across a variety of different terrain including grass, asphalt, sand and gravel creating an unparalleled experience for both athletes as well as spectators.

Featuring a 50m outdoor pool and a 25m indoor pool, quiet surrounding roads and the adjacent Danube river, the X-Bionic Sphere offers a wealth of triathlon training facilities. The venue also has a three-floor gym, a four-track training oval and a separate eight-lane track and field athletic oval with IAAF certification.


On the 2nd June, a portfolio of side events with number of options for those travelling with athletes will take place. The middle-distance pro and age-groupers race will commence on the 3rd June.
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