In it’s classiest form, the Chronos comes with a titanium strap, sapphire lens and high-res 1.2 inch display for a whopping £1,099,99. The leather-strapped version will ‘only’ set you back £849.99, however. 

The metal case on the Chronus is made from premium jeweller’s grade materials, constructed to traditional watch making quality, and is designed to be as classy as it is practical. It comes equipped with everything you’d expect from their Vivoactive fitness trackers, including daily activity tracking technology, pedometer, calories counter and a sleep tracker in sleep mode.

Reading through the list of features the Chronus is up there with the most sophisticated GPS watches, meaning you’re not just paying for the prestige. 25 hours battery life (13 in GPS mode), water resistance to 100m, GLONASS satellite receivers and activity profiles for at least ten sports makes it arguably the most feature-packed Garmin to date.  

You can also sync all your data though Garmin’s Connect IQ app, receive text, email and call notifications and even get weather updates. Even so, is it really worth over a grand? We’ll be hoping to get our hands on a Fenix Chronus in the coming weeks, so check back for more news on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages! 


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