The system allows quantified gains from wetsuit use to be measured and evidenced, and the development of this  Measuring Active Drag (MAD) system is now a key component of the company to prove the performance enhancement developed suit technology. 

The M.A.D system represents a landmark not only in Huub’s history but also in the triathlon and swimming market,” said Dean Jackson founder of HUUB Design.

” No company has this type of testing and analysis available in-house. As a company we take pride in delivering industry leading levels of research and data that is then factored in to all our products. Working with The BEST Centre represents a major land mark for us and gives us access to some of the best facilities in the world.”


Situated on the south coast of Mallorca, the Best Swim Centre was founded by Olympic swimmers James Parrack and Matthew O’Connor, with the intention to create the ideal training environment for athletes of all different levels.  James said: “We are always looking for best in class partners, and we are very proud to be working with HUUB on such ground breaking technology.  We are looking forward to a long relationship with Huub to help wherever we can in the pursuit of improved performance and broadening the knowledge base for the next generation of athletes and coaches.”

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