80-year-old Maurice Young beat his only rival in the category by 8mins to become World Champion in the sprint distance. The sprint team also topped the podium on both occasions in the 25-29 age-group, with Carl Avery retaining the men’s title in 56:07, the fastest Age-Group time overall. The women’s 25-29 podium featured a British trio, with a win for Claire Steels in 1:06:21. Harriet Enoch was second in 1:07:54, and Rebecca York picked up bronze with her 1:08:24 clocking.  
Andrea Sanders Reece won the women’s 60-64 category in 1:16:46. 

The standard distance team celebrated two age-group wins in the form of Gill Fullen (W50-54) in 2:08:49 and Elspeth Knott (W65-69) in 2:33:13. Chris Nicoll (M45-49) was the quickest of the British men; his 1:56:08 good enough to pick up the silver medal.

The age-group medals added to the two gold and one bronze picked up by the elite team the day previous. Emma Pallant and Ben Dijkstra respectively won the elite women’s and junior men’s titles, with Mark Buckingham coming thirdin the elite men’s race.

ITU Duathlon World Championships – British age-group medallists

Sprint Distance


Claire Steels (W25-29) – 1:06:21
Carl Avery (M25-29) – 56:07
Paul Abeledo (M45-49) – 59:34
Andrea Sanders Reece (W60-64) – 1:16:46
Maurice Young (M80-84) – 1:53:49


Harriet Enoch (M25-29) – 1:07:54
Iain Gillan (M25-29) – 56:51
Michael Rix (M45-49) – 1:00:29


Rebecca York (W25-29) – 1:08:24
Anna Weaver (W30-34) – 1:07:45
Sue Clarke (W60-64) – 1:18:30
Raymond O’Grady (M65-69) – 1:13:32

Standard Distance


Gill Fullen (W50-54) – 2:08:49
Elspeth Knott (W65-69) – 2:33:13


Daniel Bluff (M18-19) – 2:05:58
Fiona Bracegirdle (W20-24) – 2:15:05
Samantha Aplin (W25-29) – 2:13:35
Chris Nicoll (M45-49) – 1:56:08
Stephen Redman (M60-64) – 2:14:56


Lee Piercy (M40-44) – 1:57:42
Jeremy Tomlinson (M55-59) – 2:07:00

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For full results, you can visit the ITU website here

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