The new start will be located further west, close to Windsor Leisure Centre. Unlike previous years the swim will now go with the current of the river for the first three quarters of the 1,500m section, sticking to the south bank.

Once participants reach Eton pedestrian bridge they will turn and that’s where the real test begins with the final several hundred metres being against the flow. Everybody exits at the traditional location where transition will remain.

The new swim route is as follows:

Small improvements will also be made to the bike and run sections, which are expected to be announced soon. A record number of people have already signed up for this year’s race, taking place on 14 June, and entries will close tomorrow (2 March) at 9pm. This year’s highlights include a ‘race with the stars’ wave, giving age-groupers the chance to line up with against top athletes including Emma Pallant and Stuart Hayes.

The Windsor Triathlon 25th Anniversary Dinner will be held at the Harte and Garter Hotel in Windsor the night before the race and will consist of a three course dinner along with options of wine and soft drinks. On each table will be one previous elite winner of Windsor Triathlon, including Spencer Smith, Emma Pallant, Stuart Hayes, and more.

To book your place at the historic 25th Windsor Triathlon or the special Anniversary Dinner, visit

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