The SenseCore Racing Team, which has been assembled to cover all triathlon distances from short course racing to iron distance racing as well as extreme sports such as mountain biking, will use SenseCore’s unique wearable technology to measure ECG, respiration, body temperature, speed, distance, steps and more. 

Software analysis of training load, recovery quality, mental energy, nutrition, biomechanics and illnesses is combined with the sensor data to give the athletes a complete picture of how their body is performing, and is already used by the likes of pro athletes Jan Frodeno and Ronnie Schildknecht.

SenseCore Racing Team includes:

– India Lee (UK triathlete), 25, 3rd place at the London Triathlon 2014
– Sam Wade (UK triathlete), 22, 3rd place at the London Triathlon 2014
– Sam Village (UK triathlete), 27, 1st place at Peak District Triathlon 2014
– Sam Baxter (UK triathlete), 30, Kona 2014 AG podium
– Tom Babbington (UK triathlete), 34, Kona 2013
– Tom Wade (UK triathlete), 24, 2nd place at Hyde Park Triathlon 2014
– Dave Roberts (Australian mountain biker), 34, has 22 years of racing experience in various forms of cycling

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“SenseCore Racing Team is a dream come true for our company’s employees, many of whom are athletes in their own right, and now we are growing that family with a group of highly performing athletes,” said SenseCore CEO Alexandros Giannakis. “Between running, cycling and swimming, we showcase that our products provide unique information in all conditions and create rich data that can truly help athletes improve.

India Lee added: “Great to be part of this fascinating new team, the spirit is fantastic and SenseCore has been really helpful with what is hopefully a great step towards achieving my aims for the season. The software and sensors offer something that is a game changer and there is a lot of scope for improvement now that we can use these new tools!” 


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