AEW Dynamite Results (3/11): Inner Circle’s Rampage Continues, Cody In Action, Death Triangle Debuts

MARCH 11, 2020


Tony Schiavone is with Adam Page to ask who his mystery partner is going to be. The Young Bucks are there too, and Page says that he wouldn’t team with Matt Jackson if his life depended on it. He asked Nick if he has his gear tonight and if he’s ready to go after he kicked his ass two weeks ago. Page says that actually…his partner is a mystery.

CODY (w/ Brandi & Arn Anderson) vs. ORTIZ (w/ Santana)

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The two men circle the ring and Cody quickly sweeps the leg of Ortiz, but Ortiz headbutts the midsection of Cody. Ortiz gets up and Cody dropkicks Ortiz, which sends Ortiz into the corner. Ortiz runs at Cody and Cody hits his powerslam to Ortiz in the center of the ring and Cody goes for the cover, but Ortiz kicks out.

In the crowd, we see Jake the Snake come out with his client…..LANCE ARCHER!!! Meanwhile, Cody clotheslines Ortiz over the ropes and then throws him into the steel steps. Cody throws Ortiz back in the ring and hits him with his patented kick and punch. Ortiz collects himself in the corner, but grabs the referee. This allows Santana to distract Cody, which allows Ortiz to hit Cody low in the back of the leg. Ortiz then hits a shoulder to the knee of Cody.

Ortiz continues with a leg lock, but Cody is able to break free and hits Ortiz with a release suplex. Cody picks up Ortiz and drives him into the corner before hitting the 10 punches to the head of Ortiz. Santana distracts the referee again, which allows Ortiz to rack Cody on the top rope. Ortiz is able to lock in and deliver a superplex to Cody in the center of the ring. Ortiz goes for the cover, but Cody kicks out.

We see on the outside some disagreements between Santana and Arn Anderson. Cody sees this and he dives to the outside right onto Santana. Ortiz dives out onto Cody, but Cody catches him and hits Ortiz with a front suplex on the outside. Cody throws Ortiz back in the ring and now HE starts to work on the leg of Ortiz. He puts Ortiz’ leg on the bottom rope and then jumps on it before locking in the figure 4 and forcing the tap out!

Winner: Cody

After the match, Santana hits Cody with the sock full of baseballs, and the rest of the Elite come out to stop the beatdown. Chris Jericho shows up on the screen with Sammy Guevara and Jake Hager. Jericho says that in two weeks at Blood and Guts, they’re going to beat the hell out of them. They also show Nick Jackson in the back and he’s crushed by a garage door and Jericho says that they need to come out and pick up their trash. Cody, Matt, Kenny, and Cody run to the back to help Nick. Nick is stretchered out and taken away in the ambulance.

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