Tommaso Ciampa Claims He Will “Retire” If He’s Moved To The ‘Main Roster’

Former WWE NXT Champion, Tommaso Ciampa was a recent guest on the Chasing Glory Podcast where he made a big claim about his future in WWE.

While fans might worry about WWE NXT Superstars being moved to either WWE Raw or WWE SmackDown, it seems that there is no need to panic about the future of the Psycho Killer.

Ciampa claimed that if he is asked to move to the main roster, then he will retire and be a coach. But it isn’t because he hates anything about the ‘main roster,’ the reasoning has to do with his injuries and his family.

“I have a little one at home and my schedule is better in NXT than it would be on the road – and I had neck surgery and I’m not freaking stupid. I get that my window is smaller than it was and my bump card is ticking, and I just look at it like if I’m doing 200+ days a year on the road with Raw or SmackDown, or I’m doing a manageable load of 30 to 50 matches with NXT. […] So I can do four years of that in the time I do one year with Raw and SmackDown. So how long can my career and portfolio grow here as opposed to going there. Now it’s become a thing where I have legitimately vocalised to them that if I have to go to Raw or SmackDown, then I’m going to retire. And I would love to produce or coach or be a part of it, but there’s no way I’m taking on that load.”

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Chasing Glory

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