Storyline Update: Lana Claims She Left Rusev Because He’s a “Sex Addict”

Tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw ended with a major storyline update on the bizarro world angle between real-life husband and wife couple, Rusev and Lana.

The unhappy couple were guests on a special segment of the “King’s Court” hosted by WWE Hall of Famer and Raw commentator Jerry Lawler. The original intent was for them to work out their issues, but given that Lawler repeated referred to the segment as “Divorce Court” throughout the evening, things didn’t exactly look good for Mr. and Mrs. Bulgarian Brute.

The end of the strange segment saw Lana reveal the real reason – and we’re playing it fast-and-loose with the term “real” in this instance – why she left her husband and started making out with Bobby Lashley on live television every week. Apparently… he’s a sex addict.

The “Ravishing Russian” claimed that Rusev was constantly trying to have sex with her, even backstage at shows, at the airport, and at WrestleMania, in his allegedly never-ending quest to have a litter of children. She then also claimed he cheated on her, which the former U.S. Champion categorically denied, of course.

The show ended with Rusev going crazy on Lashley, taking his wedding ring and shoving it down his throat – literally. After a distraction from Lana and a kendo stick, Lashley punched him in the groin and the two once again made out, this time directly on top of the poor guy. So yeah. That’s a thing.

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