Matt Riddle Trashes Goldberg: “You’re The Worst Wrestler In The Business”

NXT Superstar Matt Riddle did not hold back his feelings on the main event match at WWE Super Showdown this afternoon, as the legendary Undertaker returned to the ring to face former Universal Champion and WCW icon, Bill Goldberg.

While the first few minutes of the match were relatively exciting, with the Deadman kicking out of two back-to-back spears early on, things quickly fell apart as Undertaker executed his signature Tombstone Piledriver, dropping his opponent awkwardly on his neck.

Nearing the end of the bout, Goldberg tried for his own finishing maneuver – the Jackhammer – but failed to hoist up his opponent and narrowly avoided dropping the 54-year-old Phenom on his head. They quickly went to try the spot again, and Goldberg simply collapsed getting even less of the move than the first attempt. At that point a very clearly frustrated Undertaker made a call that we can’t quite make out, and very suddenly pinned his opponent after a quick chokeslam.

In a video posted to his Instagram and Twitter, which has now been removed for obvious reasons, Matt Riddle had the following to say about Goldberg’s performance in the main event match:


“Goldberg, you lived up to the hype yet again. You’re absolutely the worst wrestler in the business, bro. And that’s not an opinion – that’s a fact.”

Awesome job bro, you’re already bleeding and the match hasn’t even started #WWESSD

— matthew riddle (@SuperKingofBros) June 7, 2019

I can’t wait to watch your match this Friday so I can see how good you are at wrestling 😂😂😂😂

— matthew riddle (@SuperKingofBros) June 5, 2019

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