Becky Lynch Takes a Shot at Corey Graves’ “Heenan-Lite” Routine

Becky Lynch continues to take other WWE Superstars to task on social media. The current SmackDown Women’s champion recently took a shot at Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live color commentator Corey Graves.

Lynch addressed Corey’s complaint that she was too active on social media. “The Man’s” response was simple and straight to the point. That response likely has her fans buzzing as usual.

Becky’s criticism of Corey’s commentating style surely strikes a chord with those fans. While Graves does do an excellent job with his delivery, he has been ridiculed for perhaps heeling out too much on the mic. But he’s never really been taken to task for his style by anyone in the company; until now.

Becky is the hottest Superstar in WWE today. She has been riding high since her ill-timed heel tun at SummerSlam backfired. That event transformed her into a wildly popular babyface and the crowd has been on her side since then.

But “The Man” has not been content with just wearing her title and acting the part of a champion. Becky continuously displays her newfound attitude and rebelliousness online, as well as on TV. Indeed, Lynch is fully committed to her character and Corey Graves just happened to be in the wrong place, at the right time.

So Graves has been saying I’m too cocky, and I talk too much on social media – like that’s a bad thing. I drum up more interest in 1 tweet than you do with 5 hours of your Heenan-lite routine every week. Listen, I’m here to make history, you’re just here to observe me do it.

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— The Man (@BeckyLynchWWE) December 12, 2018

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