Kassius Ohno Sounds Off On NXT’s ‘Bias Problem’, The Source Of His Frustrations, If He Has Become an ‘Afterthought’

WWE NXT star Kassius Ohno recently spoke with WWE.com and below are some interview highlights.

WWE.COM: How do you feel about the state of your career since returning to NXT nearly two years ago?

KASSIUS OHNO: Contrary to popular belief, I’m exceptionally happy with my career. Surely there have been moments of frustration, but after 20 years in the ring, my body of work speaks for itself. My focus lately has been to identify the source of these frustrations and confront them head on.

WWE.COM: What exactly is the source of your frustrations?

OHNO: There’s a recent bias here in NXT. No one wants to partake in that difficult discussion, so I’m here to force everyone to face the truth. New isn’t always better. And when respect is given rather than earned, it certainly isn’t appreciated. That’s a problem.

WWE.COM: Specifically, you’ve claimed the bias nature favors a number of NXT newcomers. Why is this?

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OHNO: When you give a child a new toy every day, some toys will inevitably find their way to the bottom of the chest. For what? The child doesn’t know any better. Plus, lots of these new toys are cheaply made and easy to break. It’s a waste of money, and I think that it’s time to start taking some of these toys away.

WWE.COM: Do you feel you’ve become an afterthought to the NXT Universe?

OHNO: I think the NXT Universe knows that I’m “good,” but they’ve either forgotten, or they can’t quite grasp how good I truly am. Nearly 20 countries, nearly 40 states, every single wrestling style imaginable … who else can do what I can do?! I’m seen as a figurative gatekeeper here in NXT. Maybe I should anoint myself the literal gatekeeper.

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