Hurricane Helms On Chasing Dreams, PROGRESS Announce Chapter 72 Matches, Defiant Release Ringmaster Participant

Ahead of an upcoming tour of Australia, WWE legend, Hurricane Helms gave some advice to people on Twitter about chasing dreams.

Helms noted how he’s on his way to Australia and has wrestled in 50 countries on six continents adding that no matter how many no’s you get, it only takes one yes so chase your dream and put in the work.

… Now it’s 2018, I’m on a plane to Australia (again) and I’ve wrestled in over 50 countries on 6 different continents. Remember, no matter how many NO’s you get, it only takes one YES. Chase ur dream, put in the work, and never let small minds distract you from the big picture.

— Hurricane Helms (@ShaneHelmsCom) June 21, 2018

PROGRESS Announce Chapter 72 Matches

This week PROGRESS Wrestling has announced two matches for the upcoming Chapter 62 show. First of all, after Lykos returned from injury, CCK has been placed into the ongoing tag team tournament and will face Mills & Mayhew.

On top of that, British Strong Style will team up, fresh off their WWE UK Championship performances as they face the Besties In The World and Josh Alexander.

#Chapter72: Fresh off raising the roof at Royal Albert Hall, #BritishStrongStyle @PeteDunneYxB @Tyler_Bate @trentseven team up this Sunday to face three of the brightest independent prospects in North America – @BestiesITW and @Walking_Weapon! #ThisIsProgress

— PROGRESS Wrestling (@ThisIs_Progress) June 20, 2018

back to the ballroom boogie this Sunday for @ThisIs_Progress #ThunderBastard #TagTeamSeries with the shit wolf.

we will also have the first NEWWW #CCK shirt since he shattered and SOMETHING ELSE special and new you wanna see em?

— Chris Brookes (@OBEYBrookes) June 20, 2018

Defiant Reveal Ringmaster Entrant

Defiant Wrestling has revealed a brand new entrant to its Ringmaster tournament as Australian wrestler, Adam Brooks has been announced.

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