IMPACT Wrestling Results (4/26): Era of ‘Cero Miedo’ Arrives, Allie Defends Her Title, Town Hall Meeting & More

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IMPACT Wrestling Results
April 26, 2018

– Josh Matthews and Don Callis welcome us to Universal Studios in Orlando, FL as highlights from last weekend’s IMPACT Redemption pay-per-view bring us up to speed.


We are shown footage from earlier in the day, where Austin Aries gathered the entire IMPACT roster (sans Pentagon and Fenix) for a town hall meeting. He wanted to address the concerns of the wrestlers and assured them that even though he lost the title he has a “backup” in the IMPACT Grand Championship, and he won’t let things go back to being terrible like they were before he came back to the company.

Aries kept talking about how he’s “not a complainer” and “not here to make excuses” but continually brought up how unfair it was that he had to defend the world title against two guys he wasn’t prepared for, and that they were brothers who obviously had it out for them. Moose scoffed at him and the “champ” made a snide remark about him shutting up and protecting the “star quarterback” just like he used to do in the NFL. The big man got in his face and told Aries to go screw himself before walking out, leading to everyone else getting up and leaving as well.

BRIAN CAGE vs. TREVOR LEE (w/ Caleb Konley)

The two locked up and Mr. GMSI immediately and easily through his opponent across the ring like a sack of potatoes. Lee rolled to the floor and regrouped, but eventually they locked up again and his fate was exactly the same. Cage went for a fallaway slam but stopped to do some reps instead. Konley got up on the apron and actually hooked his leg, and when the referee went out to reprimand him Lee took advantage of the distraction, BITING his opponent’s hand before putting the boots to him.

Konley continued to get involved for several minutes as Lee slowed things down, but none of their offense seemed to really effect the big man. Cage kicked out of a neckbreaker at one sending Lee flying, then turned him inside out with a discus lariat, followed by a huge running powerslam. He went for a second rope moonsault but came up empty after yet another distraction from Konley, but this time he rolled to the outside and completely destroyed Caleb with a clothesline. The Drill Claw plants T-Lee on top of head, and that’s all she wrote.

Winner: Brian Cage

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