Michael Cole Talks Working With Corey Graves, Mike Kanellis Reacts To Being Added To Andre Battle Royal

During a recent interview with, USA Today’s “For The Win” blog with WWE commentator, Michael Cole, the Voice Of WWE discussed working with Corey Graves.

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 “Oh, I mean, Corey’s a natural. There’s certain people you know are going to make it as commentators when they haven’t had the experience before. The first guy that comes to mind is Tazz. I knew years ago when I first started working with Tazz on Sunday Night Heat and eventually we became a team on SmackDown, you just knew because of his personality and his edge and who he was, his work ethic, you knew his was going to be a great commentator.

“And the same thing with Corey. I knew after just working with him a couple of times down at the Performance Center in the booth when we were looking at making a transition for him from in-ring to commentary, I knew after two or three times that Corey had it. He’s quick-witted, he’s very fast on his feet. He has in-ring experience, he has been a champion, so there is some legitimacy to that. He’s sarcastic, he’s funny, he’s hip, he’s got a different look. Corey, really, was a home run, and I knew he was going to be.”

Mike Kanellis Reacts To Being Added To Battle Royal

WWE released several new names who will be competing in the Andre The Giant Battle Royal on Sunday at WrestleMania 34 and one of those was Mike Kanellis.

The ‘Miracle,’ Mike Kanellis reacted to the news on Twitter, simply stating that the ‘Power Of Love’ is coming to WrestleMania this year, in what will be his debut at the show.


#poweroflove is coming to #wrestlemania https://t.co/t8SixpdXEV

— Mike Kanellis (@RealMikeBennett) April 7, 2018

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USA Today

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