Ric Flair Undergoing Surgery Related to Hospitalization, WWE Scores Final Victory in Concussion Lawsuits

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair is scheduled to undergo another surgery related to his 2017 hospitalization. The report notes Flair will be going in for a pretty major procedure to have his colostomy bag removed, which he wants to have done as it the bag needs to be removed in order for Flair to resume training.

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WWE Scores Final Victory in Current Concussion Lawsuits

In more big news for WWE, The Observer is reporting that on March 27th, Judge Vanessa Bryant threw out the final concussion lawsuits filed against WWE by former performers Evan Singleton and “Big” Vito LoGrasso.

Previous concussion related lawsuits against WWE had all been thrown out, however LoGrasso and Singleton’s had been allowed to continue based on their key argument which differed from the other suits. LoGrasso and Singleton claimed that back in 2005 WWE was aware of the link between head trauma routinely suffered in a WWE ring and subsequent, permanent degenerative neurological damages, but failed to disclose the knowledge to any of the talents.

However, Judge Bryant could not find sufficient evidence to prove that prior to September 5th, 2007, WWE had any knowledge of the connection argued by the Plaintiffs. Furthermore, the Plaintiffs argued that WWE doctor Joseph Maroon had setup concussion protocols for NFL players dating back to the 1980’s, however since Maroon did not begin working for WWE until 2008, Maroon’s knowledge of head trauma and concussion related issues could not be applied to WWE.

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The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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