USA Network No Longer Censoring the “F Word”, Could WWE TV Change As a Result?

Buzzfeed recently published an article noting USA Network is now allowing the use of the “f-word” on its network, whereas in the past the word needed to be “dipped” (muted) if it was spoken on a television program.

The report adds the network’s previous rule regarding use of the word was self-imposed, as basic cable is not subject to the guidelines of the Federal Communications Commission. In the case of USA, the network made the call to censor the words as it felt advertisers would be more tolerant of the policy.

Since the story broke on Buzzfeed, fans online have buzzed (pun intended) about the move possibly leading to the use of more adult language in WWE programming, however that is highly unlikely.

Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez noted on a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE is still following a PG model, and ultimately they answer to what sponsors and advertisers want from the WWE TV product. USA’s move to allow the word will not make it okay for WWE to start using R-rated language on TV because the bottom line is if their direct sponsors and advertisers don’t want it, it won’t air on Raw and Smackdown.

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Wrestling Observer Radio

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