WWE notes: Sami Zayn contract, banned words, Lesnar vs. Steveson

Image: WWE

In this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer dropped some WWE news and notes including Sami Zayn’s contract status, the latest list of banned words, a potential WrestleMania match for two stars down the line and more.

In talking about the recent news of Kevin Owens’ WWE deal expiring at the end of January, Meltzer noted that Sami Zayn’s deal expires later this year. He didn’t provide a specific date. 


Meltzer provided the latest list of banned words, terms and phrases in WWE that he had access to, given to talents who were promoting WrestleMania in Tampa, Florida:

“Blood, choke, belt, strap, diva, head shot, trauma, kayfabe, Mofos, house show, DQ, The Anti-Diva, spinal injuries, victim, violence, violent, wrestling, wrestlers, WWF, wifebeater, curb stomp, phrases including the word “push” and “being over,” babyface, heel, job, jobber, card, strangle, kill and murder”


Following the official announcement of the signing of amateur wrestling standout and Olympic gold medalist Gable Steveson, Meltzer said that “it’s already been teased and talked about that (Brock) Lesnar would eventually wrestle him in a passing-of-the-torch type moment at a WrestleMania.”

Lesnar is also a former University of Minnesota wrestling star and has been a friend and mentor to Steveson since he was in high school.


Of recent NXT debutant Julius Creed (Jacob Kasper), Meltzer wrote “I’ve had people remark…(he)…is going to be special, noting he had heard that before Kasper even signed with WWE that people thought he had the potential to be a major star. “

While training, he’s developed a reputation for being a hard worker and quick learner and his name has been mentioned to me a few times and even more of late,” he wrote.

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